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NO2 Power Blast is a pre-workout nitric oxide booster designed to increase muscle mass, to cut post-workout recovery time and to improve metabolic efficiency. The ultimate result of use promised is the increased workout performance necessary to enable men to work out harder and longer to reinvent their body, sculpting lean muscle mass and burning fat. The formula is 100% organic; each ingredient is derived from plants, minerals and other natural sources. This product is available not only in the United States, but also internationally.
This product promises a variety of performance-enhancing capabilities to a wide demographic of adult men. Any man over the age of eighteen who is willing to work hard to improve his physique is a prime candidate for this supplement. Athletes who are searching for a safe, legal performance enhancer are also prime candidates for use. This product is also extremely popular among military men who are looking for increased strength, power and endurance. It is also, of course, designed for bodybuilders and weightlifters who want to ramp up their power and strength.


This workout supplement is manufactured by a company that shares the same name, NO2 Power Blast. Its headquarters appear to be located in Largo, FL. This, unfortunately, is the only information the company supplies about itself on the official product website. It does not list its seller philosophy, its company history or whether it sells other fitness merchandise. This manufacturer would be very wise to at least include a brief company history on the product website.


At the time of this review, no further information was available about the company on the web. However, NO2 has made an extensive presence on the web, as evidenced by even the briefest online search. What is clear is that this merchant has put a significant amount of its resources into developing and marketing an extremely successful product. It would therefore stand to reason that it offers numerous other fitness supplements as well, though this is not presently known.

How NO2 Power Blast Works?

The science behind this workout supplement’s formula efficacy is relatively straightforward. The extracts in its ingredient list first and foremost promote the increase of nitric oxide in the body, therefore improving vascularity and optimizing nutrient and oxygen delivery to working muscle tissue. Nitric oxide is a known vasodilator – this means that it relaxes blood vessel walls in order to allow faster, easier nutrient delivery. This translates to more powerful pumps as well as less cramping after intense exercise, less bloating and decreased recovery time between sessions. Improved workout capability and quicker recovery mean more intense workouts and less time between each one.
NO2 Power Blast’s formula also work in another way. As bodybuilders are well aware, nitric oxide is a known precursor to testosterone, which means it is converted to testosterone by a natural chemical process in the bloodstream. More testosterone means greater strength, endurance, energy levels and other key masculine performance traits. This natural steroid hormone is essential to muscle growth and protein synthesis. With increased protein synthesis, t-levels and nitric oxide production means greater lean muscle mass packed on faster. These functions are key reasons why this supplement is popular among athletes, weightlifters, military men and fitness professionals of many stripes.


NO2 Power Blast promises men the power and ability to re-engineer their body within thirty days. It promises to improve circulation, to help build muscle mass quicker than would be possible by diet and workout alone, to increase recovery time and to enhance muscle definition. It is also formulated to cut post-workout recovery time and to improve metabolic efficiency. Basically, it gives men the energy, strength and power to fuel maximal workouts in order to build a better body fast. As it also claims to improve metabolic efficiency, it is purportedly an excellent fat-burner as well.

This product is reported to have the advantage of being a safe, legal alternative to the illegal anabolic supplements on the market. This allows sports performers and competitive bodybuilders and weightlifters a natural, legal way to gain an edge on the competition. As this product is also purportedly an energy booster, it leaves men with more energy both in the gym and in daily life. It has also been claimed to increase mental focus and alertness, likely due to its ability to boost blood flow to the brain (as well as to working muscles). Ultimate advantages are optimal strength, total-body reinvention, increased workout performance, rapid muscle growth and ramped-up endurance.

Ingredients of NO2 Power Blast

L-Arginine is the fundamental ingredient in this supplement’s organic formulation. L-Arginine is a semi-essential amino acid that promises significant muscle growth at a rapid pace. It is also thought to stimulate increased protein synthesis, the process where muscle cells develop and produce new proteins. A good dietary supplement combined with a heavy resistance-training exercise regimen is key to muscle-building and maintenance. L-Arginine has been a popular supplement among athletes and professional weightlifters for many years.
L-Taurine is another key muscle-building amino acid featured in this formula’s proprietary blend. L-Taurine is thought to be the second most abundant amino acid in muscle tissue. Many in the anabolic supplement community have stated that it reacts similarly to Creatine on a cellular level, expanding muscle cells by allowing them to hold more water, thereby increasing muscle cell volume. This contributes to the appearance of bigger, denser muscles and heightened protein synthesis (a key process in myogenesis). It is also believed by many to support significant strength increase.
Unfortunately, the official NO2 Power Blast website does not list the full ingredient list. What is known about the formula is that it is indeed comprised entirely of plant extracts, minerals and other natural extracts as well as caffeine and an array of potent amino acids. As a necessary disclaimer, it is always advisable to consult one’s physician before beginning use of even natural supplements, as a small portion of users may experience an allergic reaction and/or medication interaction with the formula’s extracts. The NO2 Power Blast website provides a comprehensive overview of this topic.
According to the product instructions, males are advised to take one to two capsules before workouts in order to maximize workout efficiency. Although results can be seen in as early as ninety days for those who are willing to train hard, continued use is advised in order to best achieve and maintain maximal results. This product comes in capsule form and can be used alone or stacked with other quality workout supplements. It is recommended that users take this with a glass of water or a protein shake. Per manufacturer instructions, it is always advisable for users to consult their healthcare provider before taking.


NO2 Power Blast boasts a range of impressive certificates on the official product website. Firstly displayed is a “Made In the USA” certificate. This assures not only a certain level of quality in product development and manufacturing but also a sense of pride for United States customers who wish to support their home economy. Displayed second is a ‘100% Natural’ certificate meant to communicate the product formula’s all-organic extract content. Displayed third is a certificate reading ‘Secure SSL Transaction,’ which attests to the fact that the company uses encryption technology for maximum online transaction security.
This product is also GMP certified, which is an important certificate many bodybuilders look for in their anabolic supplements. GMP stands for Good Manufacturing Practice. As such, merchandise with this certificate are guaranteed to have passed regulated standards for product quality and good manufacturing practices in the United States and in the United Kingdom. It stands to assert that both the product and the manufacturer are legitimate, and have met or exceeded standard regulations. Another certificate on the product website promises ‘100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.’

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